At Sacred Heart, student wellbeing is our priority. We believe that positive and trusting relationships with students lead directly to a strong sense of wellbeing in all learners.

  • Our culture is built on the values of respect and inclusiveness

In determining the priorities for Student Wellbeing at Sacred Heart School, staff, parents and children agree that we are committed to:

  • welcoming all members of our school community;
  • recognising the uniqueness and dignity of each person;
  • supporting parents in their role as the ‘first educators’ of their children;
  • providing a supportive, caring and safe environment for all school community members;
  • developing programs which ensure that students develop a healthy self image, a sense of belonging and self-discipline.


  • Year 6 Leadership Program.
  • Student Representative Council.
  • Class Meetings.
  • Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Respectful Relationship Program.
  • Berry Street Education Model.
  • Better Buddies Program. Prep & 5 and Yr.1 & 6
  • Orientation to school (for new Preps, new students in Years 1-5 and Year 6s entering Secondary School).