Digital Technology

At Sacred Heart, we hold a strong belief that a key part of our role as educators is to equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively participate in the contemporary world. Our students use technology in an authentic context on a daily basis. They are given opportunities to collaborate, research and discover with ICT tools and teachers engage with students through these online platforms, both in school and during homework tasks. Technology is integrated into the students' learning, in an effort to develop essential problem solving and technical skills that are a key component of living in a rapidly evolving technological society.


Sacred Heart utilises the tools of the "G Suite for Education" and students in Years 3-6 are engaged in a one-to-one Chromebook program in Yr.5&6. Teachers follow the 'Digital Technologies' Domain from the Victorian Curriculum and students are guided and supported to explore online resources safely. Parent information sessions regarding Cyber Safety are also offered to our community e.g. Susan Mclean.


The curriculum at Sacred Heart is taught with an awareness that contemporary tools are constantly evolving. It is with this knowledge that teachers strive to create learning environments that facilitate the use of such technologies. Students are encouraged and supported to use the technology to deepen their learning and their understanding of themselves and others in the global society.


Once a week, we run a successful STEM Club. The club aims to educate, inspire and engage the children in all aspects of STEM Education - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM Club is open to children in Years 5-6.  


School Resources:

  • Interactive Whiteboards and interactive screens in all classrooms.
  • A fleet of Chromebooks throughout the school (one-to-one in Years 5-6)
  • Various STEM resources - robots, beebots, coding, iPad apps
  • Chromecasts