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Keeping Kids Safe in Cyber Space.
While the Internet can be a valuable educational tool, it exposes children to dangers and security risks. Fortunately, there is so much that parents can do to help their children stay safe when accessing the web. This resource is developed to for parents to understand these risks and what steps to take in order to minimise them.

Study Ladder Website
We encourage parents to use the Study Ladder website.  Some of our classes have been using this site here at school and it is great reinforcement if children can also access it at home. 

Smartkiddies Maths, kids maths games, worksheets, lessons, videos and activities

Child safety - at home and away
As a parent, it’s your job to protect your child. Becoming acquainted with common and hidden hazards in your home and community can help you take important safety steps now to prevent a tragedy later.
Visit this handy website

Indigenous Awareness Toward Reconciliation


Yarra Healing

Yarra Healing promotes the voices of local Indigenous people of Melbourne and its surrounding areas. It gives expression to their stories and to the growth of the Reconciliation movement not only in Melbourne but across the nation.

The Catholic Education Office Melbourne, as developer of this site, believes that a reconciled Australia will only emerge when the unique perspectives of Indigenous peoples' understandings of culture, land and spirituality are heard, received and celebrated.

To this end Yarra Healing is dedicated.